✅ Demi Moore’s Credit Card Allegedly Stolen and Used For $169,000 Shopping Spree

 Demi Moore apparently got quite a shock when reviewing her recent credit card statement Criminal court documents obtained by ET on Tuesday claim that a man named David Matthew Read stole the 55-year-old Empire actress' credit card between March 8 and March 27 of this year, allegedly spending more than $169,764  According to the documents, Moore's personal assistant called the credit card company to report that the card has been used for fraudulent transactions During the conversation, they discovered that someone had reported the card lost and requested a replacement card

"DM's personal assistant stated that neither she nor D M made this report or request," the document reads  Per the complaint, surveillance video then allegedly showed Read making purchases from Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue stores in and around Los Angeles at the same dates and times that Moore's card was used at those stores  The document states that Read was later arrested on April 5 outside of a storage unit he had rented in Hollywood

"In a post Miranda interview on April 5th, 2018, Read admitted to obtaining D M’s credit card without authorization and fraudulently using it to make purchases at stores,” according to the complaint He is currently in jail Moore wouldn't be the first celebrity to have something stolen this year Following her Academy Award win for Best Actress in February, Frances McDormand's Oscar was taken from her during the Governor's Ball The trophy was thankfully recovered See more in the video below

 ET reached out to Moore's reps for comment